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National Institute of Health/National
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Zeroing in on Liver Cancer Treatment

Selecting the best treatment for liver cancer depends on the physician being able to precisely identify the type, location, size and borders of the tumor or tumors. By matching that information to a variety of treatment possibilities and considering the benefits and limitations of each, the physician can select the best course of action. Key to this decision is the patient's condition and anticipated ability to tolerate the treatment.

Surgical removal of liver cancer tumors is considered to be the most effective treatment for liver cancer.
Unfortunately, about 70% of patients cannot have this surgery due the size or location of the tumors or other health factors.

Click About Liver Cancer to learn about the symptoms, prognosis, and progression of primary and metastatic liver cancer.
Click Treatment Options for an informative summary of all the available therapies for liver cancer, including resection, radiofrequency ablation, PEI, chemotherapy, cryosurgery, chemoembolization, and hepatic arterial infusion.
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Today there are more therapies for liver cancer than ever before. And more hope for a positive outcome. If you are a colorectal or liver cancer patient, you can be a better informed patient by spending some time here. If you know someone who has colorectal or liver cancer, tell them about this site.

*Dr Rosenberg is a consulting editor in his personal capacity and not as a member of the
National Cancer Institute.

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